Appco Group Canada is...

part of the Appco Group, a subsidiary company of the Cobra Group of Companies. Appco Group has expanded across the globe and become one of the world's leading face-to-face sales and marketing companies, with more than 800 locations in 28 countries on five continents.

Industry expertise

  • Fundraising


    US$40 million raised in donations around the world.

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  • Telecomms


    12 million+ new customers signed globally.

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Latest news

  • Appco Canada's Top Performer Gives Tips for Success!


    Along his road to success, Curtis Veitch has learned many valuable tips and tricks that has lead him to be a successful Sales Manager. Here are his top 8 lessons to be a successful field representative.  

  • Student field representatives love the flexible working hours


    Students returning to university love the flexibility of their role, which can fit in around their study commitments.

  • Blog: Appco Canada country head on the power of mentoring


    Appco Canada country head Blake Veitch says the the ongoing mentoring and coaching he's received within the Appco network has been incredible.

  • Canada venture ahead of schedule


    Appco Group's venture into Canada is progressing better than expected and ahead of schedule, with three major opportunities already secured.

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