Appco Group Canada is...

part of the Appco Group, a subsidiary company of the Cobra Group of Companies. Appco Group has expanded across the globe and become one of the world's leading face-to-face sales and marketing companies, with more than 800 locations in 28 countries on five continents.

Industry expertise

  • Fundraising


    US$40 million raised in donations around the world.

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  • Telecomms


    12 million+ new customers signed globally.

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Latest news

  • Characteristics of a Great Leader


    Mary Anderson, a Sales Manager of Appco Group Canada, states the top three characteristics of a great leader includes leading from the front, being self-motivated and genuinely caring about your team.

  • The Importance of a Team


    Four things essential to inspiring the potential and loyalty of a team or group of people helping to work towards common goals, include communication, rewards, mentoring, and more.

  • From Entry Level to Management - Experience of Reza Ghamsary


    After moving to Canada from Iran, Reza Ghamsary says he made a slow start to his Appco career as he tried his hand at sales for the first time. A year and a half later, he is a sales manager and holds the record for the most daily and weekly sales.

  • Development Opportunities at All Levels of the Company


    Appco Canada employees and contractors thrive on growth and development opportunities.

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