About us

Appco Group Canada is part of the Appco Group, a subsidiary company of the Cobra Group of Companies. Appco Group has expanded across the globe and become one of the world's leading face-to-face sales and marketing companies, with more than 800 locations in 27 countries on five continents.

Appco Group Canada was established in 2011 with Canada’s largest city Toronto, becoming home to its head office. With its diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, central location and home to a large number of corporate head offices, Toronto has so far proven to have been an exciting location.

We take pride in helping to add value to our clients’ bottom line by securing new customers, or raising funds for their vital causes, and our performance-based model means they only pay for the results we deliver.

Our proven face-to-face sales methods and outcome-based fee structure ensures we deliver to our clients in excess of US$4 billion in revenue every year via the new customers or donors we acquire for them.

We believe responsible face-to-face marketing creates a connection with consumers and delivers outstanding value to clients.

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Industry expertise

  • Fundraising


    US$40 million raised in donations around the world.

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  • Telecomms


    12 million+ new customers signed globally.

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