Proven face-to-face marketing & customer acquisition model

Chris Niarchos, Founder and Chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies and its subsidiary Appco Group, developed the Human Commercial™ and changed the face-to-face sales and marketing industry forever.

In a world where mass, digital, faceless marketing is commonplace, we believe that people still respond best to people – and this belief is at the very heart of our business.

By bringing our clients’ charitable causes, products and services directly to consumers’ doorsteps, we allow them to ask questions, fully assess their options in an interactive way and, as a result, establish a human connection with the product or service.

We talk directly to over one million people in this way, every day, leaving a valuable and lasting impression of the charities, organisations, products and services we represent.

Industry expertise

  • Fundraising


    US$40 million raised in donations around the world.

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  • Telecomms


    12 million+ new customers signed globally.

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