Chris Niarchos

Chris Niarchos

Chairman and Founder

As the Founder and Chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, Chris sets the strategic direction and ensures the objectives of every business within the Group are met.

Appco Group is the direct sales and marketing subsidiary of the Cobra Group of Companies. In 1987, as a 22-year-old, Chris started his direct sales business in Sydney, Australia, with the vision of one day building it into the world’s largest and most successful sales and marketing company.

By 2010, he had well and truly achieved this goal and now runs a billion-dollar enterprise that is continuing to build on a global scale.

There is no doubt Chris is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and he has just as much energy and passion today as he did at the beginning of his journey. As well as direct sales, the Cobra portfolio also includes interests in insurance, energy, financial services, high-tech security, business process outsourcing, mid-range super yachts and motorsport.

Chris is an inspirational leader and has an innate ability to invest in people and businesses, and harness their potential through his unique partnership approach.

Chris continues to bring incredible leadership, vision and execution to what is one of the world’s fastest growing entrepreneurial groups of businesses.