Mike Blane

Mike Blane

Managing Director, Appco Group International

Mike started his direct sales career in 1990 in Sydney, Australia, and quickly developed a passion and flair for the sales and marketing industry. He was one of the key players in the significant growth of the Australian and New Zealand business during the early 90s and, along with Chris Niarchos and his senior team, laid the foundations for Appco's global expansion.

Following his tremendous achievements in these markets, Mike moved to the UK in May 1996 and was appointed Managing Director of Cobra Group in 1999. Based in London, Mike continued to develop and build the direct sales and marketing arm of Cobra Group and is widely recognised as one of the world's leading face-to-face sales and marketing executives.

One of the keys to Mike’s success is his ability to take young and ambitious entrepreneurs and develop them into top-performing business professionals and leaders. There are few achievers in the sales and marketing industry who have not been influenced by Mike at some point in their career.

Mike is a strategic thinker and has the ability to not only plan ahead but also mastermind country and campaign start-ups, reinvigorate existing campaigns and develop new, high-impact products and services. As the company continues to expand, Mike is able to keep Appco at the forefront of the industry and maintain its position as the world's leading direct sales and marketing organisation.

As the Managing Director of Appco Group, Mike oversees the continued growth and expansion of the company throughout Europe and the rest of world.