5 Lessons to Master Customer Service

Understanding customer service can make for better business. All customers have stories of good and bad experiences in a sales or customer service situation. Weather is it the poor attention from front-line representatives in retail environment or excellent problem resolutions with phone representatives.

With that in mind, here are 5 customer service lessons every entrepreneur should learn.


The biggest mistake many businesses – small or big – make when it comes to customer service is assuming they understand the customer’s needs. Approach customers simply to ask what they do and do not like whilst providing information about how your services and/or products can benefit them. Just listen. Acknowledging and understanding their needs will allow you to tailor your products and/or services towards them personally.

2)Only make promises you can keep

Promises are a very big deal to customers. It doesn’t matter if they are made by a front-line representative or by the CEO, customers expect promises to be kept. If you have managed to acquire the trust of a customer, be sure to do everything that you can, to ensure it is upheld. If you do a poor job of delivering promises, ranging from upgrades to a cancellation policy, you’ll lose customers and public trust quickly.  

3)Re-assure customers

A common customer response after an impulsive purchase is buyer-remorse – the emotion/feeling which makes a customer question their purchase (guilt, validity, quality, etc.).  To avoid this, representatives should strive to re-assure customers throughout the sales process and build their confidence along the way.

4)Value your customers – say thank you!

A simple thank you can make all the difference. Customers often express their gratitude to representatives, but it should be the other way around. Letting the customers know their business is appreciated is an essential part to making them feel welcome and valued. Without the customers, there would be no business.

5)Recruit representatives based on their attitude.

When you recruit representatives into your business, it’s important for them to not only have the right skill sets but also a positive attitude. The experience a customer has will not only help retain long-term customers, but also build your business reputation in the industry. Therefore, recruit helpful and friendly representatives who are willing to go out of their way for the best customer service experience.

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