Appco Group Canada's Success of 2015

As the new year begin, Appco Group Canada is looking back at its big successes and achievers in 2015.

The recent sales awards honored a number of excellent efforts, and gave everyone a chance to celebrate together, including all the field representatives (FRs) from both the Toronto and Hamilton offices, along with Appco Canada COO Brent Snowden, Country Manager Caroline Marini and Country Head Blake Veitch.

During the ceremony, held at the Toronto sales office, a number of the FRs receiving awards praised the Appco business development program, noting that despite everyone coming from different backgrounds, with little to no sales experience, it had given them each a chance to learn life skills, including how to be a leader and how to manage a business.

Christina Bell took out top place for the charities division, while Prince Kathuria led in residential telecommunication and Coby Samuels was first for business-to-business (B2B) telecommunication. Check out the full list of top-ranking FRs below. Christina Bell and Coby Samuels emphasized the power of communication, “Get to know your clients, and approach them as friend versus a FR. Have fun in the field and the rest will be natural”

Crew leader awards went to Arjun Bhela and Nikita Belmostnoi in residential telecommunication, while Dmytro Malovichko (B2B), Eduardo Alvardo (B2B), Kristen Leonardelli (Charities) and Jigme Thile (B2B) received assistant manager awards.

Accepting his award, Nikita, aged 19, said he was looking forward to a very merry Christmas, having been able to buy a range of luxurious presents for his family because Appco had provided him with the tools for success. “Take on responsibilities of Managers now so that when you become a Manager you have experience in the role already. Make the mistakes now so that in the future you have nothing but success”, advised Nikita during his speech.

The management award winners were Curtis Veitch, Mary Anderson, and Reza Ghamsary.  Mary Anderson said “What got me started in Appco Group was that this company is different.  Appco Managers groom new representatives to eventually become Managers as well.” Four new assistant managers were promoted in 2015, as well as one sales manager.

Pictures this celebration have been posted on Appco Group Canada's Facebook

In addition to individual successes, Appco Canada has continued to rapidly expand and has had a number of other highlights this year, including the introduction of the business-to-business telecommunication division in its Hamilton office and a new head office opening up in Toronto.

“This has been an absolute fantastic year! We have solidified a foundation of success which will allow us to continue to grow and succeed for many years to come. I cannot wait to kick off 2016. It is going to be amazing!” – Blake Veitch


Sales achievements

Telecommunication Residential

  1. Prince Kathuria
  2. Kaileigh Baines
  3. Nikita Belomestnoi
  4. Jonathan Viljoen
  5. Justin Lazorko
  6. Puneet Agnihotri
  7. Kaelan Nelson
  8. Gregory Lane
  9. Rooks Llewellyn


Telecommunication business to business

  1. Coby Samuels
  2. Ian Coleman
  3. Jigme Thile
  4. Moru Li
  5. Jason Dsouza
  6. Dmytro Malovichko
  7. Rustam Usmanov
  8. Raheel Qureshi
  9. Eduardo Alvardo



  1. Christina Bell
  2. Kristen Leonardelli
  3. Myra Joan Murray
  4. Alexander Mills
  5. David Khuu
  6. Lynn Charley
  7. Robert Fearman
  8. Shanet Sookhanty



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