Characteristics of a Great Leader

What was your experience prior to joining Appco Group Canada?

Initially, I joined the company to learn sales and as in interim job whilst I waited to a position in the provincial government. I continued to work with Appco because I enjoyed the atmosphere especially the social and fun aspect. In addition, the autonomy one has a sales manager really appealed to me – mainly the growth opportunity. Having said that, throughout my journey at Appco, I have been fortunate to work a variety of campaigns. In 2014, I pioneered the fundraising division of Appco Canada. The challenges I faced allowed myself to grow as an individual and a business women.

In your opinion, what are the top three characteristics of a great leader?

a)     Lead from the front – can’t ask someone to do something you haven’t done.

b)     Genuinely care about your people and genuinely respect their wishes and desires. Everyone is different and you can learn from their life experience, regardless of how long they have been in the company. Knowledge can be gained from expecting places.

c)     Be-self-motivated, you’re the energy, the light and example for your team. Your motivation and attitude will be transferred to your team. Therefore, always remained motivated.

What keeps you motivated to reach your goals?

Recognizing you only have one shot at life and you may as well live it to your fullest potential. Nobody will accomplish your goals for you. For me, this doesn’t just pertain to business but to becoming a well-rounded and accomplished person. I’m learning Mandarin and French right now on my accord – nobody is coming to make sure I follow through but me and my application of discipline. Same goes for business.

“Be Something More”, Appco’s slogan, what does this mean to you?

Living life to your fullest potential. We can all do so much more that we give ourselves credit for, but I think every individual has the obligation to recognize this, to cultivate their abilities through persistence and hard work and to be the best version of themselves.

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