Development Opportunities at All Levels of the Company

Appco Canada employees and contractors thrive on growth and development opportunities


Alex Mills – a team leader in the Appco Group Canada network – believes no other company in the world gives you as much opportunity to grow.

Alex went from playing high-level hockey to a career in sales when he was looking for a change of scene and new challenges.

He became a team leader just four months after becoming an independent contractor to Appco Canada, and is now embracing every opportunity that comes his way.

“There is no other company in the world that gives you the opportunity to learn so much, to grow with the business as fast as you want, and also develop as a person.”

His advice to others coming into the industry is to not be afraid of mistakes, but to make sure that they learn from them.

“Don’t be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone.”

Meanwhile, Appco Canada employee, Dominique Andre says watching the business’s rapid growth has been a constant motivator on her own career journey.

After studying human resources and working in various customer service jobs, Dominique joined Appco as a recruitment administrator in June.

She says her biggest inspiration is being part of the network’s expansion, and seeing the opportunities that come with that.

“In just a few months, I have gained experience within the HR field, as well as gaining other real-world skills that will be beneficial to my future career. In a company that is growing as fast as Appco, there are lots of opportunities to grow with it, and there are a lot of people who have the same goals, so it’s important to stand out.”

Among the highlights so far, Dominique says having her team hit its monthly target is a continual boost.

“It’s great to see how we all work as a team, and it’s a great feeling when we all succeed together.”


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