Brent Snowden

Brent Snowden

Chief Operating Officer

Brent began his business career after graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

His first job was in the investment industry in Toronto where he was employed for 11 years and held a variety of positions, culminating as the Vice President and Manager of Derivative Products.

The investment industry exposed Brent to a variety of financial instruments including treasury bills, bonds, interest rate swaps, options and future rate agreements.

Always up for a new challenge, Brent took his skills and completely changed industries, and entered the world of direct sales. In his new role as Vice President of Business Development, Brent was tasked with sourcing new clients who were looking to use an outsourced sales firm to build or expand upon their client base using the direct sale model.

Brent worked within the deregulated energy and telecommunication industries, as well as introducing several world-class charities to the power and efficiencies available in the direct sales model. When the opportunity came up to use his experience in both the investment industry and marketing, he jumped at the chance to be a founding partner in a publicly traded company.

He was responsible for launching several unique client initiatives, helping clients use the web to increase brand recognition. Experience in these core industries make Brent the ideal choice to represent Appco Group in their North American expansion.