What we do

Face-to-face marketing

We have developed a comprehensive results-driven sales campaign framework that is proven time and time again to be the most cost-effective channel in the marketing mix. Our teams of professionals receive ongoing support and product coaching. They also have regular contact with our clients, ensuring they are always at the heart of the businesses and charities they represent

Customer acquisition

We specialize in customer acquisition across 11 industry sectors and, with more than 10,000 field representatives in 27 countries, we are one of the largest and most successful sales and marketing organisations in the world today. Globally, we sell a range of products and services on behalf of blue-chip companies and we take pride in the fact that we generate US$4 billion+ per year in new customer revenue for them. Our service allows organisations to speak directly to potential customers in a variety of settings – commercial, residential, and event site, and our performance-based model means they only pay for the results we deliver.

Complete fundraising solutions

Face-to-face donor acquisition is just one part of our fundraising offer. Appco Group’s fundraising solutions bring together a range of services that can fulfill our clients’ needs at every stage of their fundraising and donor-acquisition journey. Other services include:‚Äč
- online fundraising services
- complete outsourced donor management services
- consultancy services
- contact centre services
- point-of-sale and mobile fundraising solutions
- lottery and scratch-card campaigns.

Latest news

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    Mary Anderson, a Sales Manager of Appco Group Canada, states the top three characteristics of a great leader includes leading from the front, being self-motivated and genuinely caring about your team.

  • 5 Lessons to Master Customer Service


    Customer service isn’t an area that can be overlooked in any business, big or small. By learning these 5 lessons and applying them to your day-to-day, you’ll find yourself on your way to making a great impression on customers, and growing your business as a result.

  • Development Opportunities at All Levels of the Company


    Appco Canada employees and contractors thrive on growth and development opportunities.

  • Sponsorship for inspiring athlete


    Appco Group Canada is the proud sponsor of one of their very own delegates, Lizzy Bates.