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Since Appco Group Telecommunications was established in 2000, it has acquired more than 12 million new customers across the world for its clients, and has given consumers access to better and more cost-effective telecommunications services.

Appco Group Telecommunications has represented telecommunications giants in Canada, Australia, the UK & Ireland, Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

The division has also pioneered electronic data processing, straight-through processing and a number of quality-assurance initiatives, including our unique sales integrity mechanism that has led to industry recognition as the premier acquisition agency
in this sector.

The advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), broadband and evolving broadcast technologies has presented Appco Group with the challenge of educating the private market on the benefits of a consolidated platform.

With the help of feedback directly from its customer base as part of Appco's Human Commercial™, major telcos are now designing products with the individual needs of their customers in mind.

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